Traffic Offences/Licence appeals

Traffic Offences/Licence appeals
Traffic Offences/Licence appeals

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Are you concerned about your driving record? Are you concerned about the fines and court costs that can result from a traffic incident? Or are you facing a period of suspension or disqualification of your drivers licence? If so, you need to talk to an experienced Traffic Offences lawyer.

An experienced lawyer will not only help you manage your court case, but will also provide valuable advice on how to deal with and potentially reduce your penalty, avoid a licence suspension or disqualification or reduce or avoid a fine.

Golottas Solicitors will be able to explain the different types of offences that are applicable in your circumstances and how each offence should be dealt with to ensure the best outcome.

Golottas Solicitors’ can provide assistance with the following traffic law matters:

  • Drink driving offences – drink driving penalties and novice to high-range prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) offences.
  • Common driving offences – including unlicensed driving and driving whilst disqualified or suspended. Also includes speeding penalties, license suspension.
  • Serious driving offences – including dangerous, negligent, reckless or predatory driving.
  • Licence appeals – including advice for going to Court.
  • Interlock driving program – For those with multiple DUI charges.

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