Debt Collection

Debt Collection
Debt Collection

Golottas Solicitors’ Debt Recovery Lawyers

Are you owed money that you have been unable to collect or have you received a letter of demand or a Statement of claim seeking money from you.

If so, you can take legal action to recover it with Golottas Solicitors’s. In certain situations, you can also recover your legal costs related to recovery proceedings.

If someone is seeking money from you it is imperative that you act without delay to ensure that a judgement is not entered against you which could have devastating financial consequences for the rest of your life.
Golottas Solicitors can assist you with:

  • Letters of demand
  • Statements of claim
  • Resolution of monetary disputes.
  • Entering Judgement and obtaining Garnishees Orders (a Court Order forcing a third party to pay money to you directly.
  • Filing Statutory demands for claims against corporations or responding to Statutory claims made against your corporation
  • Dealing with liquidators and administrators

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